Top 4 adidas padel rackets for beginners!

adidas padel rackets range

Looking to start playing padel? Check out the best adidas padel rackets for beginners! These rackets are perfect for casual players looking to improve their game. With the iconic adidas design and lightweight feel, you’ll be hitting powerful shots in no time.

John Leach (National GB Padel Coach) explores the best options for new players:

1) ADIDAS RX 1000 £100

The RX 1000 is a high quality racket with an ‘even’ balance (meaning the weight is in the middle). Even balanced rackets provide more control compared to those that are head heavy and I would always recommend new players to start out with this. A round shape head provides a larger sweet spot (hitting area) which increases the chance you get the ball back over and in – the first and most important tactic in padel 😁. There is also a lighter version of this racket listed below.

2) ADIDAS RX 2000 LIGHT £120

The RX 2000 Light is set up the same as the RX1000 with even balance and a round shape head for excellent control. However Its 345g weight means it’s more suitable for youngsters and those wanting a racket that is easy to manoeuvre.

3) ADIDAS MATCH 3.2 £75

The adidas Match 3.2 is a versatile entry level racket suitable for all players. Its slightly head heavy which means you’ll gain a bit more power on attacking shots (which some players like to have). Discovery rackets are made up of a fibreglass surface rather and carbon (for advanced / pro rackets)which keep the costs down but also provide less feel. These rackets were ideal for casual players and great value at £75


The adidas adipower W Team is actually a slightly higher range racket but i’ve included it in here as it provides a huge amount of feel and control for a great price. It’s even balanced which makes it easy to manoeuvre when defending, it’s light but provides plenty of power on volleys and overheads. If you want to invest a bit more you should try this.

Get ready to dominate the court with adidas!

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